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(most recent update 5 January 2017)  Hello again! I just want to let you know that we are still alive and that we still are doing new websites and updating others as well.

I would like to remind you again abiut the one part of our earlier security package that represents a novel solution. That is the maintenance part of the earlier WP Safety Pin package, but it is difficult to sell this service in most markets. The idea is that we look at your website every day and take care of all the maintenance that is necessary to keep it online. This is a unique offer. You should seriously consider if you have a WordPress website where you cannot afford to have the site offline for even one day. We can assure you of that.

Our old Weight Loss For Idiots website has been totally reworked. Now, it’s really FUN! And we have a new moderator, Jamey Craig (a really sexy lady!) to keep things HOT for you! Did you know that sex is good exercise and regular sex will help you lose weight? {Oops! Am I allowed to write that?} We will change the name of the website soon to hopefully get some more visitors – it is really NOT a weight loss site. Here’s a screen shot. You might be interested to know that the owners took the Fat Loss For Idiots off the market just before Christmas – that was a long-running product!

susanhesser.comOur real estate site had a minor rebuild earlier in the year. This was necessary to get rid of some problems caused buy software changes in WordPress. The site is based on a WordPress blog using the WP 2013 Theme as the basis. We did a lot of modification until we got what the client wanted, but we both agree that it looks very nice. Her clients like the website also, and she gets cudos frequently about it. She also had two large sales from the site close to the end of the year. You can take a look at http://susanhesser.com. If you land there with a hand-held device, you will be deviated to the mobile site at http://mobi.susanhesser.com. It looks quite similar, but in fact is a different WP site altogether, using the Decode theme.

You can view the last version of the old Italian FrontPage website at www.lamaisondyvette.com. We have stopped keeping it up to date, so it looks a little ratty, but the pictures are interesting – they show how Yvette changed her assortment to suit the local environment.

The last blog-type website for Tucci Fashion is still available athttp://tuccifashion.com/haute/, at least for a while longer.

The last development of websites here was a completely new e-commerce website that took over the honors at www.TucciFashion.com. This is an online genuine e-commerce site for selling the things that Yvette thinks are hot. You can pay by PayPal or use your credit card or other methods for paying via PayPal, depending on what is available in your country. As of this writing, there are over 125 items in the store, and the number is growing. Delivery is free within Switzerland, too! However, with the drastic and continuing decline of the retail clothing markets in Switzerland (more people buying from the major chains online and from outside Switzerland where the prices are lower), Yvette is looking at some new ideas. These are revolving around costume jewelrey at this point. The new development should go online sometime in the first half of 2017.

The “tube” websites are doing reasonably well, considering that Google has decided that they don’t like lists or the visual equivalent of lists, which is basically what the tube sites are. Question: why does YouTube still get PageRank 9 while my tube sites all get zero? It’s simple, really: youtube is part of Google and I am not, that’s why!

Here’s the list:

aegeritube horseracetube trakehnertube
http://aegeritube.com – a video story of the Aegeri Valley
http://horseracetube.com – lots of nice videos about race horses
http://trakehnertube.com – even nicer horses – specific to the German Trakehner breed
witztube zugtube
http://witztube.com – a German-language site with video jokes
http://zugtube.com – another German-language video site about trains, primarily in the German-speaking areas of Europe – this site was recenlty totally rebuilt because of a system glitch that made it instable – the viewers disappeared because they could not use the site!

trakehnergear.comThe handsome website you see here has been shut down. We experienced a long term digital denial of service (“DDoS”) attack from Russian-oriented hackers. Since we can not drive them away, we have closed down the website to keep the nasty guys from actually breaking into the website. What they have done to date is to send so much traffic from different servers that the traffic has just soared. We attempted to block them out, but each time we have a success, they come back with something else that causes us repeated problems. Since this is not a money-making website, we decided that the most intelligent move is to close it down and eliminate the problem – maybe they will go bother someone else who has more resources to fight them off successfully.



jimmycraigwebsites-wp-help-360x170Our local Swiss website for assistance for people who have WordPress websites and need some help with them is doing well. The service is available at Consulting by Hesser | WordPress Help For Your Website Today. Actually, since the service is generally done on-line anyway, we feel that it is not really limited to our close in area. It is really available to anyone, almost anywhere. We are not limited by language either! We also sell hosting and new websites and assistance in obtaining inexpensive domain names. We have also installed a website specifically for rental of hosting services called “Basic Swiss Hosting” at http://swisson.li/. We really have a good deal, and yes, if you look at the site, our capacity is limited!

Craig is working on some Internet Marketing websites – they are called CraigHesser.com, CraigsPage.info, EarnMoneyDontSpendIt.com, JimmyCraig.biz and YourOwnIncomeBooster.com. Nothing is going strong yet, but a number of different items are showing promise and we have worked up to the level of about $150 per month recurring income with not too much effort. It is taking more time than one would normally use because I am trying to keep good records to be able to show what has happened over time. More about this as it develops.

Remember, if you need a website, come see Jimmy Craig

or talk to him on Skype for free.

P.S. If you are wondering about how we determine our rates for making a hand-built custom website for you, please take the time to read this post from a different website http://www.poststat.us/wordpress-website-cost/

P.P.S. If you like this theme with the video background, we can do it for you. I especially like this one – I think I would like to retire here!

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