(Almost) Free Custom Website Offer

Hello, and thanks for coming to look at this offer.

This is a straight-up offer with no reserves or crossed fingers behind my back.

If we agree, I will create a brand new, sharp, modern and attractive, English-language website of your choice for a select few people who contact me. It will be 100% functional, and will contain at least the minimum of the information you give me about your B&B, small hotel, country inn, or other business. It will reside on a subdomain of one of JCW’s sites as your demonstration site. This is a website that I could easily sell for USD 800-1200 or more.

It will be functional in every way, but not (yet) optimised for SEO, and not installed on an independent domain (as in yourdomain.com). In this condition, it is only useable for demonstration purposes. To make the website fully functional, we will require a domain name, a hosting facility, relocation of the site to the new hosting, and maybe a way to make reservations and collect money (PayPal, credit cards, etc. – this is optional).

All that I am asking in return is that you write an honest testimonial for me that concerns this website on my demonstration website, and that you sign up for my complete maintenance program for at least one year (that includes everything you need to make the website fully functional, with the exception of way(s) to accept money. If you like the website, great! If you don’t like it, please still tell me, and what can we do better?

That’s it!

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Please fill in the form on this page to apply. Make certain that your contact information is correct – that is how I will contact you about your new website.

Jimmy Craig Hesser

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Free Website Offer

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