We have a few different types of websites, which we try to separate by how they are utilised and the type of subject material.

You can see these at (have not been updated since April, 2009 – sorry!)

  • Blogs as blogs
  • PPC sites
    • Health series
    • Internet Marketing series
    • Others
  • Real estate sites
  • Sales sites
  • Contract sites (not ours but authored and/or maintained by us)

Here is the updated list (end November 2010):

Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell.com http://amorphoussiliconsolarcell.com
Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell.net http://amorphoussiliconsolarcell.net
Blogging 1oh1 http://blogging-1oh1.com
Bulgaria Realtor http://good2004.biz
CMDC – Cercle mondial de consensus http://cmdc.net
coffee Coffee COFFEE! http://coffee-coffee-coffee.com
Cure Infertility and Get Pregnant Naturally http://cureinfertilityandgetpregnantnaturally.com
Download Keyword Elite.net http://downloadkeywordelite.net
Download Keyword Elite.org http://downloadkeywordelite.org
GEOCOGEN http://geocogen.com
GEOCOGEN Blog http://geocogen.net
Drop Ship for America http://dropshipforamerica.com
Get Back Together With http://getbacktogetherwith.com
Green Home MegaStore http://greenhomemegastore.com
The Hesser Family in North America and Europe http://hesser.info
I Don’t Want To Get OLD! http://idontwanttogetold.com
Internet Monetized http://internetmonetied.com
Internet Office Connections http://internetofficeconnections.com
iPhone Mophie http://iphonemophie.com
ItalyAll http://italyall.com
Jimmy Craig Affiliate Page http://jimmycraigaffiliatepage.com
Jimmy Craig Info http://jimmycraig.info
La Maison d’Yvette http://lamaisondyvette.com
La Porta di Todi http://bandb-umbria.com
Panic Book http://panicbook.net
Practical Greenology http://practical-greenology.com
Ruppin Family http://ruppin.org
STARWIND http://starwind.eu
Sue & Craig Websites http://sueandcraigwebsites.com
Tenuta Info http://tenuta.info
Tenuta Collicello http://tenutacollicello.com
Treatment of Panic http://treatmentofpanic.net
Web Hosting by Jimmy Craig http://webhostingbyjimmycraig.com
Webmaster Resources & Info http://webmaster-resources-info.com
Weight Loss 4 Idiots http://weightloss4idiots.org
Weight Loss For Idiots http://weightlossforidiots.org
Who Is Jimmy Craig http://whoisjimmycraig.com

We invite you to visit them all, and we hope that you will enjoy them all! 😀