Here is a list of our green website – it is all within the hub system of our JV with Sue Fleckenstein at

  •  –  This is the hub of the Green Home MegaStore website group that belongs to Sue & Craig Websites, our joint venture with Sue Fleckenstein. At the start of 2010, we started slowly removing the blog function and transferring it to Practical Greenology – the idea here is, this site is a store by name, and we have intensified the store function and are taking away the blog entries that don’t pertain directly to the store. Currently, we are experimenting with various theme formats to see what we like the best, so it may look different than the last time you were there!

Other “green” sites we placed online in 2009 or later have been taken off-line due to lack of conformance with the new USA Federal Trade Commission regulations (December 2009). We intended to update the sites and place them back on line, but as .com sites rather than sub-domains, but finally gave up the project due to lack of time.