We started off with Internet and Internet Marketing as our main subject material, so we have accumulated a number of websites on the subject.

  • http://suesmarketing.com  –  Sue’s Marketing site was built as a vehicle for various squeeze pages, thank-you pages, etc. for Sue Fleckenstein’s marketing work for the Green Home MegaStore complex. It has since been decommissioned.

Our IM series sites that we placed online in 2009 have been taken off-line due to lack of conformance with the new USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations (December 2009). We intend to update some of the sites that are not too far out of date and place them back on line, but as .com sites rather than sub-domains. The process will go slowly, but it will continue on during 2010 (and maybe later). We may be able to group them in some format that is esthetically pleasing to the SEO spiders!

At the moment, there are only four sites online:

Others that are have been retired or at least laid off for awhile are:

  • affiliatefranchising.craigspage.info
  • affiliatemarketing.craigspage.info
  • alm.craigspage.info
  • drop-shipping-and-ebay.craigspage.info
  • earning-with-clickbank.craigspage.info
  • ebay-trading-the-right-way.craigspage.info
  • entrepreneur.craigspage.info
  • freedomain.craigspage.info
  • pay-per-click-and-adwords.craigspage.info
  • private-label-rights-plr-content.craigspage.info
  • resale-rights-products.craigspage.info
  • selling-your-product.craigspage.info
  • seo.craigspage.info
  • spyware.craigspage.info
  • thetotaltraffic.craigspage.info
  • ultimate-income-plan.craigspage.info
  • videostreaming.craigspage.info
  • web-hosting.craigspage.info -note: this is the site that was rebuilt into Web Hosting By Jimmy Craig
  • jimmycraigaffiliatepage.com – this site is back on line, but with a new blog in front of the old site
  • affiliatemarketing.jimmycraigaffiliatepage.com
  • buypassiveonlineincome.com – this site was not completed before the FTC problem arose
  • ebooks.greenhomemegastore.com
  • my-own-home-based-internet-business.webmaster-resources.info
  • ads-minded.jimmycraig.info
  • start-my-own-internet-business.jimmycraig.info

These two sites are online and are dedicated to a specific ClickBank product:

  • downloadkeywordelite.net
  • downloadkeywordelite.org