New Site – Basis: WordPress Blog

This is starting to get interesting now. The basic idea here is that you have a site where you can add the content (text, images, etc) and change things (like prices and dates) with no or almost no technical knowledge or skills. As part of the maintenance fee, we will keep the software running and up-to-date. We will work with you to find a theme that looks good and functions reasonably well (most do, but there are a few that can be difficult), and also do minor tweaks for appearances, and for SEO (search engine optimisation, otherwise known as how to get a better position in Google, Bing (ex-Yahoo), etc.). We will also include some standard tweaks we use as part of the package at no extra charge. The basic software is a blog, but this can be set so that it looks like a blog = a dynamic site, or it looks like and acts like a static site. Your choice, and we’ll explain how to do what you want to do before we start.

Really special things will be at your cost, including – for example – a fancy guest book that does not come for free in WordPress, a paid (not free) WordPress theme, or a software package for online room reservations and invoices and extra costs, etc. that costs money out-of-pocket. Also, a special advertising package that does not come free will be at an extra charge. Whether we charge on top of what you have to pay for these extras depends on how much work is involved on our side, and that is on a case-by-case basis. We will probably propose an hourly fee instead of a fixed rate to keep your costs to a minimum. The logic here is, if we have to guess how much it will take to install XYZ software on your site, we will have to add a contingency so that we do not take a loss on the work.

Lets look at the price structure:

WordPress Site EUROs US$
one-time fee EUR 300,00 USD 500.00
monthly maintenance fee EUR 30,00 USD 50.00
Extra work for changes, 0-3 h/mon included included
Extra work for changes, more than 3 h/mon EUR 25,00/h USD 40.00/h
domain name your choice and cost your choice and cost
hosting included in maint fee included in maint fee
Extras at cost cost plus our work @ EUR 25/h cost plus our work @ USD 40/h
SEO items our normal included our normal included
Content (images, text, etc.) NOT included * NOT included *
Association fees NOT included NOT included

[* = but maybe we can help you out with some ideas. We will also teach you how to put images, text, etc. on your site and help you work out problems you encounter. E-mail correspondence is not counted as extra work. We will want to place an unobtrusive link on your site, the most probable location is as text in the footer. In return, you will get a number of links from various of our other sites.]

New Site – Basis: WordPress Blog